Joseph P. Veasey Award
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Joseph P. Veasey Award

On Friday, May 10, 2019, Jack Veasey and Katie Veasey Gillette presented the Joseph P. Veasey Award to


Fr. Mike Ausperk, Jack Veasey, Katie Veasey Gillette and Cameron Rowe

see what Cameron wr
ote about receiving the
2019 JPV award and scholarship at Awards Recipients

Congratulations Cameron!

The Joseph P. Veasey Award will be awarded annually to a Miami University, Department of Architecture and Interior Design undergraduate student in the second year studio, who offers exceptional service to fellow students, professors, and the department, demonstrates leadership in group and department projects, and promotes a positive sense of community among the second year class.


All students in the Architecture and Interior Design second year studios are eligible for this award.  Students and faculty are encouraged to nominate specific candidates. Selection is made by the department's students, in conjunction with the second year studio faculty.


In recognition of his dream of being an architect and during his battle with leukemia, Joe designed this award to recognize and assist Miami University Architecture students in their dream to become architects. The criteria is based on characteristics Joe exhibited in his own studies, service to fellow students and faculty and leadership in the department. On December 8, 2006, Joe was able to present the first Joseph P. Veasey Award to Brett Roeth in person at the Department’s Winter Show at Miami University. Sadly, Joe died from complications of leukemia on November 18, 2007. This award will be given annually in Joe’s memory at the MU Department of Architecture and Interior Design Spring Show.

To all of Joe's family and friends who have donated toward the Joseph P. Veasey Award fund at Miami University so that one of Joe's dreams could be realized and on behalf of Joe's family, Sonia, Jack, John, Katie and Mary Rose . . .

                                   Department of
Architecture + Interior Design

Donations to the Joseph P. Veasey Award should be made payable to Miami University and mailed to

Fr. Mike Ausperk
606 E Washington St
Medina OH 44256
For more information contact

Fr. Mike Ausperk
p   440-567-2015
f    866-839-5694
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